Project & Company Information

Name: MightyRecruiter


Services: UI Design, Visual Design

Executive Summary

MightyRecruiter is an end-to-end recruiting solution that makes manual, time-consuming tasks easy, quick, and effective. It is designed to help attract, source, recruit, and hire relevant candidates.

The site is based on the premise that hiring should not be hard. The site provides end-to-end solutions, guidance and information relevant to recruiters to expedite the hiring, sourcing and recruitment process. Platform functionalities include easy posting to job boards, job promotion and rating and tracking of candidates among many others.



We needed to create relevant content and an ongoing communication platform with the recruitment audience to establish MightyRecruiter as a leader in the recruitment field.



Various approaches were done to reach the target audience through content pieces consisting of eBooks, infographics and blog articles.

Ohzee successfully led the design for the ebooks and infographics by using existing brand guidelines in layouts designed with readability, engagement and strong visuals.

Designs integrated iconography, graphs and photo treatments, which Ohzee developed as standard style. Similar treatment was also used in the blog articles designed for index and sub-category pages, which became the standard pages for these sections.

The communication platform established through emails included steps like registration, updates and newsletter, on both desktop and mobile designs, where the goal was to create a consistent and identifiable visual style.


We counted on Ohzee’s great designs for on brand solutions in our content
communications, always pleased with how she cleverly approached the challenges and
with a unique style.