Project & Company Information

Name: LiveCareer


Services provided: VIsual Design, UX/UI Design

Company information

LiveCareer empowers businesses to identify, recruit, and attract quality talent faster. We also provide users with tools to enable their career journey through resume and cover letter building, interviewing and negotiation content, salary calculator and more.

DISC Brand Board & Mood Board

DISC Brand Board & Mood Board


LiveCareer is an employer branding and job advertising platform designed to help businesses find and hire quality people. We combine intelligent targeting with user-friendly design and curated content to empower companies to boost their brand and create clear, compelling job ads.



We wanted to create a page to introduce our product to student users and establish a relationship in their career development journey.



A student audience contest was created promoting the LiveCareer product and providing users with educational opportunities, sponsorship and articles. All the information was designed to be part of a unique desktop and mobile landing page experience, which contained its own sub-menu.

Ohzee successfully helped design the various interactions that needed to occur in the landing page related to the different content. The designs needed to integrate with the LiveCareeer style guide, but liberty was given for a different layout and color approach. The designs integrated photo treatments and content.

Having Ohzee’s collaboration helped us approach this design with a more dynamic solution, as the unique result presented the content loaded landing page with a highly custom layout and visuals.