Project & Company Information

Name: Giving to Fly

Location: Seattle, WA


Services provided: Branding, Art direction, UX/UI design

Ski Racing Bibs


Giving to Fly is 501(c)(3) non-profit company founded to provide  amputees grants for airfare to camps, clinics, or trainings that enrich their lives physically, emotionally, or socially. 

These events continue to strengthen the relationships within the community and provide incredible mentorship and support to younger children and their families.

DISC Brand Board & Mood Board

DISC Brand Board & Mood Board


Giving to Fly needed a brand identity and web presence that that would appeal to a large audience consisting of many age groups. The identity needed to appeal to children and young adults, as well as parents alike. We needed to engage with a consultancy that understood our vision and goals. We reviewed the portfolios of many designers before we approached Ohzee regarding a sponsorship opportunity. 



Ohzee Creative explored many conceptual directions before we landed on the idea of incorporating a paper airplane to give a sense of whimsy and emphasis the playful and fun nature of Giving to Fly. From there we were able to produce the business cards, flyers, hats, and tees to give to the grant recipients. 



We are so pleased with our branding, and broad to show it off at all our events. The adults love it, the children love it, and to us that is a win!

Giving to Fly thanks you for the amazing work you have done creating our website, your valuable business input, and as always for being a fantastic friend and role model to these children.
— Jenna Powell, Founder