Project & Company Information

Name: Alki Beach Pride

Location: Seattle, WA


Service provided: Brand Strategy & identity


In early 2018, Alki Beach Pride teamed up with Seattle Pride to continue creating spaces and visibility for the LGBTQ community in West Seattle. Alki Beach Pride is an official Seattle Pride event, proudly produced by organizers in the West Seattle community in collaboration with Seattle Pride. With this being our first ever event, there was an fair amount of pressure and we knew we could only rely on the best-of-the-best professionals to achieve our vision.



We were challenged with an extremely tight timeline, attempting to fast-track an entire branding exercise in under a month in preparation of Pride Month. Ohzee Creative and The Experience Group performed diligently, efficiently, and patiently with us while we all worked rigorously clarifying and defining our vision. They communicated and articulated best strategies given our vision, background, and goals for Alki Beach Pride.

Website design by BusyBee.

Website design by BusyBee.


Ohzee Creative consulted with and discussed a number of different directions. Next Liz, Owner and Creative Director of Ohzee, presented a number of different solutions, visualizing and realizing these initial ideas. We considered many possibilities and scenarios, doing our due diligence, so in the end we were confident with the decisions we made regarding the face of our brand.





The community has responded so positively to the new brand, and we were so excited to unveil “loud-and-proud” during the Pride Month of June.


→ Click here if you are interested in volunteering for the event!

I never expected to get such positive feedback from the musicians and entertainment, restaurant and bar partners, our peers and the community at large. Thank you Ohzee Creative for your efforts!
— Stacy (and Jolie), Founders and Event Organizers