Elizabeth Oz is the Owner, Creative Director, Visual Content Strategist & Designer of Ohzee Creative.


I grew up in a household with entrepreneurial minded individuals. I witnessed my mother, father, and brother all owning successful businesses, and as a result, this mentality ensued during my formative years. I possessed a strong passion for visual storytelling, design, and technology; I always knew I wanted to be in the field of digital arts.

Naturally, my studies began in multimedia arts learning the foundations and fundamentals of design. At which around the same time, I serendipitously landed a multi-disciplinary design position. This full-time work coupled with my studies provided me a unique insight into the design field as well as a behind-the-scenes view on what it takes to run a small business.

I am so grateful for this experience as it was something schooling alone could not offer. Through this thirst for knowledge, I learned that with hard work and determination you really can achieve most anything you put your mind to and it was during this period and beyond, I obtained degrees and certificates in multimedia, design and production, advertising: art direction and digital marketing.

Throughout my design career, I held titles such as marketing manager, graphic designer, interactive designer, lead designer and art director. I had the pleasure of working with publishers, architects, engineers, gamers, marketers, influencers, designers and directors. I had the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes; from small digital agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Over these 10 years, I gained the experience and confidence to start my own practice. 

Finally in 2012, I co-founded Ohzee Creative, a boutique design agency specializing in successfully connecting businesses with their target audiences through superb design. We love helping companies of all shapes and sizes establish their visual language in a simple, stylish and strategic way!

Over the last few years, I have enjoyed building my business, my professional network, refining and developing my craft, learning new technologies, using design for a greater good, working with amazing and inspiring people, and mentoring juniors find their own design voice. 



Celeste Combs, UX Director

Celeste is an award-winning user-centered design leader with 25+ years of experience in design, usability, human factors and customer experience management. She has contributed to over 200+ products and services, including dozens of online web applications and mobile apps and tools. 

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Shane Roeschlein, Content Strategist & Writer

Shane Roeschlein is a digital marketing strategist with over a decade of experience and accomplishment in content development, video production and conversion optimization from flagship to boutique brands. 


Nicci Van, Designer

Nicci is a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in branding and digital design. Throughout her career, she has worked and collaborated with a broad range of client from forward-thinking startups to major international brands such as Under Armour, EPSON, Solar Turbine, Qualcomm, and Bob's Red Mill.

Did you know?

Ohzee Creative has also produced multi-platform applications for iPhone and Android devices. The suite of applications includes 1000 Top Words, PikaTV, and a fun-free-word game for Windows 8 called "Saveman". Additionally, they have produced an innovative bluetooth hardware solution for Audi and VW vehicles.

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1000 Top Words

1000 Top Words is a language helper for people wanting to learn or better their English. It's intended for ESL (English as a second language) students around the world but is equally useful to young and school-aged children whose native tongue is English.



Watch hundreds of live TV channels anytime, anywhere across devices for free. Pick-a-TV brings live public TV streams from around the world to your Android device. Watch at home, at work, while commuting, at the coffee shop, or waiting room.



Saveman is a fun and free word-game where the object is to rescue Sam, a fun-loving blob, by getting him to the helicopter before time runs out. This is done by creating as many words as possible with the 8 letters provided before time runs out. Can you get to the top 5?

Ohzee Creative is now an SquareSpace Circle Member and Authorized Trainer.


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